Richard Bradley

Director, ANSA Digital

ANSA Digital's Director Richard Bradley brings over 30 years experience in business planning and operations, and developing land use and transport business case evidence.​

In particular, at Transport for the North Richard spent three years leading the accelerated development and application of the Analytical Framework, which enabled him to develop the Future Mobility Playbook​.

Significant learning from this experience has been captured in pain-point analysis and analysis of the current root causes to making less equitable and less balanced investment decisions.​  This analysis helped justify and define areas for investment in data and planning tools.

This learning has helped develop Transport for the North's Analytical Framework, which is built on the principles of automation and collaboration and represents a great opportunity to maximise the benefits of sharing and stimulate innovation in wider activities across the UK.​

  • A Visionary – A unique combination of knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver innovative business services to tackle The Grand Challenge

  • A Rigorous Business Planner – Process driven business planning that ensures strategic focus on delivering The Grand Challenge through shorter and longer term outcomes that meet stakeholder requirements and key metrics

  • A Productivity Driver – Industrialising data driven processes and evidence output to boost confidence in transport investment and policy direction

  • An Industry Leader – Responsible for creating and developing cross business and industry collaboration and sharing