• Richard Bradley

What is the Future Mobility Playbook?

Updated: May 27, 2020

The land-use and transport planning industry has made important progress on the future mobility vision to deliver a sustainable and inclusive economy. There has also been impressive progress on piloting systems to find a route to future mobility solutions.

But how can we accelerate future mobility? How can we meet our shorter term needs whilst developing building blocks for future mobility? How can we develop a better environment for UK-based innovation within more regulated or mature services? Will the current seismic shift in our needs bring us together to focus our resources and end silo working?

The Future Mobility Playbook provides a process-driven way to refresh your plans and make them more dynamic so we can meet our shorter term needs without losing sight of tackling shared, longer term needs. It presents the great opportunities to exploit automation and collaboration now proven ready in this new digital era. It is likely that only together can we reimagine planning services and build a shared route-map to accelerate future mobility.

This Playbook is structured around five plans. It describes the ‘plays’ for refreshing your planning to accelerate services to meet shorter term needs but also to deliver a longer term sustainable and inclusive economy.

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