• Richard Bradley

Transport planning should now only be about seeing the big picture

Updated: May 27, 2020

We are now entering a new digital era following the rapid acceleration to enable home working, dealing with other aspects of CV-19 and several other key digital discoveries.​

The need for change has never been greater as we combine new digital ways of working with rapidly evolving shorter term needs and a longer term mission to meet The Grand Challenge.

The Grand Challenge concept needs to capture a more holistic view of our world and represents a collective challenge including your long term vision across your geographies and communities, as well as the vision for areas outside of your jurisdiction.​

Our shorter term needs are having a profound impact on our daily activities and are completely disrupting our behaviour.​

We have to address shorter term and more local needs around population health management, making faster progress on reducing the impact of emissions and kick starting the economy.​

But we must keep these activities aligned to longer term needs around levelling-up, the climate crisis and improving UK prosperity, and tackle the ‘causes of causes’.​

Surely we, the transport planners, must now move away from smaller scale solutions with limited time horizons and work together to plan a route-map that delivers our needs now but crucially also lays the building blocks for future mobility.

What are the key enablers?

'Programme' based, or even 'Portfolio' based funding?

Automated modelling that can cope with many schemes & polices over a bigger area and time horizon?

A step-change in collaboration so we work as one and remove all silos?

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