• Richard Bradley

Is now the time to reimagine planning services?

Updated: May 21, 2020

It will not be the plan that simply allows us to make better decisions but our ability to quickly evolve the plan for shorter term, more local needs whilst keeping mission focused.​

There is now direct experience of optimising the benefits of digital transformation of planning services.​ For investment and policy direction evidence this has been led in the North of England by the rapid acceleration of Transport for the North.​ In three years Transport for the North has rapidly evolved to deliver data, planning tools and investment evidence across all the North, focused on levelling-up and quality of life.​

This experience provides unique insight in to how to reconsider how organisations operate and reimagine planning services in this new digital era with rapidly evolving needs.​

Developing this type of planning evidence can be applied at local, regional and national levels, which presents a great opportunity for more consistent decision making at different levels of government.​

At the heart of the effort to transition and optimise digital planning services is automation and collaboration, which will help maximise benefits of sharing and stimulate innovation, and is enabled by a drive to be more open and transparent.​​

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