• Richard Bradley

Future Mobility Playbook to transform planning services

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Opportunities enabled by automation and collaboration will allow five headline planning service improvements, including to: build more robust evidence collaboratively​; better handle change and explore uncertainty; more easily measure different outcomes; accelerate planning processes; and lay the building blocks for future mobility.​

This therefore presents a great opportunity to reimagine the delivery of your planning services.

Future Mobility Playbook to transform planning services​

ANSA Digital has developed the concept of the Future Mobility Playbook that can be applied to your production of investment and policy evidence. ​

This combines knowledge, expertise and experience in the delivery of innovative business services for rigorously planning an organisation's operation to meet stakeholder requirements and deliver modern, user-centric systems.

It brings together the need to rapidly tackle shorter term outcomes as well as staying on mission to the address the longer term outcomes and meet The Grand Challenge.​

‘Plays’ within the Playbook are greatly enhanced by creating and developing cross business and industry automation and collaboration, and maximising the benefits of sharing and stimulating innovation.​

To help more quickly build confidence in transport investment and policy decisions the Playbook focuses on:

  • boosting productivity by automating data driven processes and evidence output; and

  • collaborating to focus resources on quality improvements required by all, made possible by removing waste and duplication common in silo working.​

Each of the five plans most likely already exists in your organisation in some form or other.​

However, these plans may need to be refreshed or strengthened:

  • to reflect emerging shorter and longer term outcomes;

  • to remain credible and provide value for money; and

  • to show a route-map for future mobility.

They may also need to be updated to be able to better handle further change whilst keeping within your governance and finance constraints.​

ANSA Digital recognises the importance of the development of these plans being led by your organisation, with ownership potentially extending to your stakeholders.​ ANSA Digital can therefore work closely with you using a one-team mentality to reimagine your planning services.​

This could include a 'pick-and-mix' approach to refreshing existing plans or could include an overhaul of one or all plans to maximise both shorter and longer term outcomes.​

ANSA Digital's role could be to help bring together broader experiences and technologies, help focus on the importance of automation and collaboration, and help bring in a contemporary culture around being open and transparent.​

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