Document current reality 

The Business Plan will have provided a high-level view of the resources and programme to deliver services to meet requirements and the systems to support these services. ​

Once the Business Plan is approved the execution plans need to be implemented, which will be defined in your Delivery Plan. ​

Your organisation is expected to already have a range of systems to help programme the delivery of your services. ​

As such the first play to develop your Delivery Plan would be for ANSA Digital to run tailored SWOT sessions to help capture your organisation's current reality and then undertake the subsequent analysis and reporting.  ​

The session and analysis is expected to follow a similar process to that defined previously but tailored to the needs of the Delivery Plan and include user-centric thinking.  ​

Develop recruitment & procurement programme

An early activity will be to develop your programme for recruitment and procurement, which can have long lead times. 

ANSA Digital can advise on options for both these activities working closely with your Human Resources and Finance support teams. ​

ANSA Digital can help build customised role profiles that work within your organisational structure and help provide information to your support teams. ​

Advice can also be provided on supplier options, including helping develop tender documents, finding the best procurement route and many other aspects of procurement. ​

ANSA Digital can help develop a strategy to strengthen your supply chain, as well as how to boost bid quality, how best to avoid 'no bid' scenarios and how to provide value for money with sole source suppliers. ​

Develop and apply analytical framework development programme

ANSA Digital can advise on the optimal approach to plan development and application programmes for your analytical framework, including how best to handle interdependencies. ​

This could range from simple spreadsheet based programmes to complex Primavera P6 programmes, which would be largely dependent on the scale of your operation and level of interdependencies.

Review project & contract governance programme​

It is likely that your project and contract management is reasonably well established. ​However, ANSA Digital can help review your processes in the light of this new digital era. ​

This includes considering a move to more agile delivery principles and systems, and how best to meet your emerging needs from reimagining your planning services. ​

Develop team management & training programme

Similar agile approaches can be adopted for your team management and training programme. ​

Working with your Human Resource team ANSA Digital can help you tailor your team management systems to work with more contemporary systems and can also help identify efficient ways to up-skill your teams to meet new challenges. ​


Develop stakeholder engagement & update executive reporting programme

ANSA Digital can also help update your stakeholder engagement and executive reporting programmes for new digital systems, for changes identified in your governance and to exploit opportunities in this new digital era, including executive reporting of benefits and risks..