Document current reality

The Business Plan will define the operations, resources and programmes required for your organisation to deliver evidence and services for the Strategic Plan over the coming year, and it will already exist in some form.  ​

The first play to update your Business Plan would be for ANSA Digital to run tailored SWOT sessions to help capture your organisation's current reality and then undertake the subsequent analysis and reporting.​

The sessions and analysis are expected to follow a similar process to that defined previously but tailored to the needs of the Business Plan.​  Importantly it will define how you want your business to operate and what will be undertaken in-house and what will require external resources.

Develop vision & five-year strategy

The initial requirements gathering and this SWOT analysis will help define the operations of your business.​

This should now also include the vision of how your organisation should evolve in this new digital era and your five-year strategy to meet this vision.​

The five-year strategy will include key organisational behaviours and cultures identified as essential for your long term success.​ 

It should also include your longer term plan as to what you should build and what you should buy.


This strategy needs to take a balanced view of different aspects of your business to ensure broader thinking that includes the four topics of:

  • financial and stakeholder expectations;

  • customer and external relationships;

  • processes and activities; and

  • organisation and culture.​

Regular customer requirement updates & develop system requirements

Whilst an initial set of customer requirements will have been gathered for the Strategic Plan the requirements gathering ideally should be repeated at regular intervals, possibly quarterly due to the rapidly changing traveller behaviours and outcome priorities.​

Maintaining an up-to-date list of requirements will be a key input to ensuring your Business Plan remains current.​

Requirements gathering should also consider the types of systems needed to meet customer requirements, which should include understanding the different 'actors' involved in using the systems to ensure they are user-centric.​

ANSA Digital can help manage this exercise including arranging and facilitating numerous digital sessions and requirements monitoring with external organisations. ​

Develop vital in-year activities to deliver short term outcomes​

The Business Plan needs a strong emphasis on services required to meet shorter term outcomes.  ​

Due to the likely urgency of delivering the shorter term outcomes the vital in-year activities should be delivered using a monthly 'plan->do->check->act' cycle.  ​In this process, performance is checked against your outcomes on a monthly basis using a set of key metrics.​

Develop transition from shorter term to longer term outcomes

Having established the in-year activities and the five-year strategy you then need to consider how your planning services transition from delivering the shorter term outcomes to the longer term outcomes.​

A key aspect of this transition will be using the evidence gathered in the shorter term to improve the data and planning tools used to measure the longer term outcomes.

ANSA Digital can help you develop all these activities and the 'plan->do->check->act' processes.​


Update organisational structure

The outcome of the SWOT analysis and strategising should allow your organisational structure to be reviewed to help optimise your delivery and ensure you develop the strong culture and behaviours you desire.​

ANSA Digital can help you develop this and provide an independent view of your business operations.​

Develop delivery programme execution plans & supporting systems execution plans

Execution plans define a high-level view of the operation, resource and programme required to meet each user and system requirement.​

It is important that execution plans are aligned to the five year strategy and are working within your desired culture and behaviours.​


Developing your execution plans is best led by your planners for each of your programmes and supporting systems, with support provided by ANSA Digital.  Your planners will then be well placed to lead monthly progress monitoring and applying updates to the execution plans.​

ANSA Digital can provide a facilitation and advisory role in developing these execution plans.​

Explore collaboration & sharing opportunities​

To handle rapidly changing traveller behaviours and outcome priorities, as well as changing user requirements, it seems inevitable that to deliver all outcomes you will need to collaborate and share with others.

Importantly this includes pooling resources to focus on quality improvements required by all.   ​This could be afforded by all levels of government agreeing to remove waste and duplication often found in silo working.  ​

ANSA Digital can help identify collaborators and can facilitate the collaboration on your behalf.​

Develop recruitment, procurement & risk management plans​

The final exercise of rebuilding your Business Plan will be to develop the recruitment, procurement and risk management plans.​

A key aspect of these plans will be to determine the best balance between in-house delivery and supply chain delivery, which is a complex balance between cost and risk. ​

These plans will also draw from other activities to help further consider the optimum approach to group the production of evidence for a single intervention, programmes of closely related interventions or a complete portfolio of all interventions.​

ANSA Digital can advise on how to develop these plans and work with you to deliver them.​