Let's not miss this opportunity to change

land use & transport planning

ANSA Digital is all about reimagining how we deliver - be it a dataset or a model, a project or programme, or an entire planning service. 

With all the upheaval we're going through we have a real chance to reset and do what is right and not just take the easiest path or worst of all avoid change to protect the past.

With this new digital era we can be more efficient, more consistent, more robust and make fairer decisions for everyone.

I'm Richard Bradley.  I'm full of energy, ideas and experiences and I really believe in this mission.  I've spent my life reimagining and disrupting, and continually trying to improve.  I know how we can do this and I know we can make it work. 

Let's start a conversation about how we improve.  Let's start a conversation about how we refocus on benefits for all and value opportunity higher than risk.  Let's together reimagine how we build plans and make the case for a more sustainable and inclusive future economy. 

Let's together transform and optimise digital planning services to better handle change and explore uncertainty.  Let's explore how automation and collaboration with new data, modelling, appraisal and computer systems can give us so much more.  Let's together try to meet shorter term needs as part of a route-map to introduce future mobility.

Transport planning should now only be about seeing the big picture

  • Our needs are rapidly evolving

  • We have to think bigger than just our own needs

  • Keep aligned to the mission

  • Automation & collaboration will change everything

Is now the time to reimagine planning services?

  • Planning more important than plans

  • We now have the experience

  • We can now achieve consistency at all levels of government

  • Automation & collaboration will change everything

Refresh your plans &

make them more dynamic

To help map out the reimagining of planning services we've organised the various plans required to support investment and policy decisions into the Future Mobility Playbook.

The Playbook combines many years of experience and captures the last three years of the delivery of the Analytical Framework at Transport for the North, as well as contributions from many other planning activities.

Some of your plans will be up-to-date and the Future Mobility Playbook can provide a quick way to refresh and strengthen them against various emerging data, tools and techniques.  Some plans might need a deeper look or a complete overhaul to maximise all the benefits that are available and to meet emerging requirements.

Click on the links below to view an overall summary, a brief description of each plan or an overview of the complete Playbook.

Why optimise digital planning?

  • Complexities of rapidly changing traveller behaviour & outcome priorities

  • Planning more important than plans

  • Opportunities to work together and to exploit ubiquitous data & systems

  • Accelerate to capital programmes

  • Automation & collaboration will change everything

Reimagining the delivery of planning services

  • Build more robust evidence collaboratively​

  • Better handle change​ & explore uncertainty​

  • More easily measure different outcomes​

  • Accelerate planning processes​

  • Lay future mobility building blocks

  • Automation & collaboration will change everything

ANSA Digital Services


Director, ANSA Digital

Richard Bradley

  • a visionary

  • a rigorous business planner

  • a productivity driver

  • an industry leader

  • ANSA Digital can provide unique insight into experiences at Transport for the North as well as many other contemporary digital planning activities.​

  • ANSA Digital provides a unique combination of knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver innovative business operations and can take both a top-down as well as a bottom-up view to reimagining planning services.​

  • ANSA Digital can help rigorously plan and reimagine all or parts of your planning services and help you rapidly rebuild your evidence by exploiting these latest digital discoveries.

Unique and specialist advisory service to help deliver some or all aspects of the Future Mobility Playbook

ANSA Digital offers great value for a unique and specialist advisory service to help deliver some or all aspects of the Future Mobility Playbook.​

This could include a 'turnkey' type delivery for the whole Playbook, including less technical aspects around stakeholder management, and recruitment and procurement plans, which could be led by ANSA Digital and include support from experts coordinated by ANSA Digital.​

This could also include leading the delivery of any aspect of an individual plan, from the overall development of each plan to the development and application of individual datasets or planning tools.​

Less than half mainstream consultant's cost* but with similar business guarantees**​

ANSA Digital is able to offer these services at less than half the cost of mainstream consultants* but with similar business guarantees**.​

*Compared to specialist rates​

**Limited company, range of appropriate business policies and insurances and access to wider consultancy network

Full spectrum of transport planning & traffic engineering services

As well as delivering all aspects of the Future Mobility Playbook ANSA Digital can deliver many aspects of transport planning and traffic engineering, developing solutions at a junction level or town centre to full county level, regional and national level.

Whatever your needs we can help.  Be it simply some advice or planning work, or develop whole solutions to take through to public consultation or inquiry.   Whether its a fixed price contract or working directly with your teams - all enquires are welcome.


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